Sex Therapy and Couples Counselling

In this day and age when mental health is starting to become less of a taboo topic and more as an accepted avenue for well-being, people have now started considering counselling to address whatever concerns, no matter how heavy or personal, they have in life. Gone are the days when people would not dare say a word that they are seeing a therapist. Now people are vocally looking for a credible counsellor as much as they would a good dentist. But what is counselling to begin with and why do people believe they need one?

Life is complicated and difficult, this is not news. But surprisingly, a lot of people believe that they are bound to face life on their own, like a lone wolf. But that should not be the case as actually acknowledging and accepting that sometimes life throws things way beyond our capacity is already a step to make the burden lighter. So if the difficulties are not meant for one person to handle, where should you go and find the necessary and effective help? Actually, even on things that you think are petty but are still causing you stress or anxiety, seeing help can be your solution. While it is easy to simply vent out and listen to advise, solicited or not, we emphasise the word “effective help” because sometimes, advises may cause more harm than good. This is why counselling exists. Counselling is a beautiful collaboration of psychology, empathy, and experiences. Counsellors are trained to become experts on these things. And because there are a lot of concerns that simply cannot be encompassed under one umbrella, counsellors have different focuses wherein their levels of training vary accordingly. Here are some of the most common forms of counselling:

Sex Counselling

Mainly, sex counselling is for the improvement of a person’s (or couple’s) sexual function or lack thereof. Sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual interest, unusual sexual interests, and even a hyper sex drive are addressed by this. A sex therapist can be sought out by people experiencing these issues and work through these issues with counselling, more information on sex therapy can be found here. This is probably one of the most personal things a person can go to counselling for as the society still views talking about sex so freely as sort of a taboo. But going to counselling where you are sure no judgments would be placed on you makes it such a reliable and effective form of counselling.

Gender Counselling

Gender counselling, on the other hand, helps people struggling with gender to finally feel understood and not alone. Gender identity has been such a debated topic these past few years and what is usually left behind from this vicious society are the people who completely feels isolated, discriminated, and abused due to their struggles. Counsellors who specialise in gender and transgender counselling like the one from this website can help individuals cope in today's society and also assist in being true to their identity and themselves. In addition, they can also address the hard parts of gender transitioning for transgenders. They can even also assist in finding help with other concerns such as speech, medical, and legal.

Couples/Marriage Therapy

This form of counselling focuses on the relationship between individuals, whether partners or married. Relationships will get strained at some point in time and it may cause friction and coldness. Unfortunately, sometimes it may even cause the relationship to fail. On top of that, causes of seeking ‘couples counselling’ may also be due to changes in the current situation such as financial matters or expanding families or could be due to broken trusts and deception. A counsellors’ main task is to bring the shaken relationship back on track by expounding on each individual's perceptions and emotions. Through this, the couple will hopefully become more perceptive of each other which could lead to love and trust being built back up again.